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SHA Analytics, LLC to provide LACMTA with Construction Phase Risk Management for I-5 North Corridor

SHA Analytics, LLC has been selected by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) to provide risk assessment and risk management services during the construction period for the I-5 North Corridor project. This project is sponsored by Caltrans, LACMTA and the Federal Highway Administration and involves improvements to existing I-5 in Los Angeles County between SR-134 and SR-118 through multiple contracts for individual construction packages.

The construction contracts for these segments were initially awarded in the early 2010s and experienced significant delay at the start. LACMTA is bringing SHA Analytics, LLC on-board in 2017 to assist LACMTA in assessing and managing remaining project cost and schedule risk after these delays were realized. SHA Analytics, LLC will utilize its approach to quantitative risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to estimate remaining risk exposure relative to existing budgets. This process will involve leveraging the knowledge and expertise of project team members and subject matter experts to identify and quantify risks as well as developing strategies to mitigate risks going forward.

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