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LACMTA SR-57/ SR-60 Confluence Project

Quantitative Risk Analysis During PS&E

SR 57/60 Interchange

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) 


Los Angeles, CA


Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Proposed project improvements

SHA Analytics, LLC is working with Metro’s Highway Program to provide risk assessment and quantitative risk analysis services for the SR-57/ SR-60 Confluence Project at Grand Avenue. The project is located at the SR-57/ SR-60 south junction and Diamond Bar Blvd on-ramp in the City of Industry and City of Diamond Bar, in Los Angeles County, CA. The Project aims to improve traffic operations, increase capacity, and reduce weaving to improve safety. It is being constructed in three phases, with the first two complete and Phase III anticipated to begin construction in 2025.


SHA Analytics, LLC role on the project conduct a quantitative risk analysis for the Project. The Project is part of Metro’s Highway Program and currently in the PS&E phase. It was identified as a candidate for quantitative risk analysis based on the Metro Highway Program Risk Management Framework. To date SHA Analytics, LLC facilitated a risk assessment workshop with participation from Metro and its technical advisors, and estimated risk-adjusted cost and schedule for the project using Monte Carlo simulation.


SHA Analytics LLC will continue to support Metro’s Highway Program on this project by providing risk assessment and risk analysis for this project through the procurement of the construction contract.

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