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Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Grant-Funded Projects

FRA Risk Management Oversight Reviews

California High Speed Rail Project Conejo Viaduct Construction

Conejo Viaduct Construction (part of CP 2-3). Source: California High Speed Rail Authority


Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)




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Quantitative Risk Analysis Model Reviews


SHA Analytics, LLC is part of a team providing grant oversight for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for projects receiving their funding grants. Overall the process of Grant oversight for the FRA encompasses the management and monitoring of federal grants allocated to recipients for improving the nation's railroad infrastructure. This process involves grant application and selection, award management, financial oversight, performance monitoring, compliance and reporting, technical assistance, risk management, and closeout and evaluation. The allows the FRA to ensure that grant recipients adhere to federal regulations and effectively utilize funds to achieve their intended goals, promoting transparency and accountability in the use of federal grants within the railroad industry.

SHA Analytics, LLC specifically contributes to this oversight effort by offering expertise in risk management. As part of our role, we evaluate risk registers, risk methodologies, and quantitative risk analysis models developed by grant recipients. Effective risk management oversight is crucial to minimize project delays, cost overruns, and potential negative impacts on safety and quality. It ensures that grant funds are used efficiently and that projects are completed successfully, meeting their intended objectives while adhering to regulatory requirements.


To date, we have assessed several FRA grant funded projects being delivered by the California High-Speed Rail Authority, including projects in design and construction. One of the projects is Construction Package 2-3 (CP 2-3) which is part of the broader plan to connect the Central Valley of California and involves the construction of infrastructure elements such as tracks, viaducts, stations, and other components required for the high-speed rail system. Another project reviewed is the Merced Extension, which will extend the high-speed rail line from the Central Valley city of Merced to other major cities in California, particularly San Jose and San Francisco. Furthermore, SHA Analytics, LLC conducted risk management oversight for other aspects of the California High-Speed Rail Project, encompassing the acquisition of trainsets, traction power systems, and various supporting facilities.

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