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SHA Analytics, LLC part of Financial Advisory Team for Illinois DOT I-55 Managed Lanes Project

SHA Analytics, LLC has been selected to be part of Illinois Department of Transportation's (IDOT) financial advisory team for the I-55 Managed Lanes Project. The I-55 Managed Lanes project proposes to build express toll lanes along the I-55 corridor west of Chicago between I-355 in the west and I-90 in the east. The project aims to alleviate congestion and improve mobility and operational efficiency in the corridor. In order to involve the industry and best leverage resources for this important regional project, IDOT is considering alternative project delivery options. 

Serving as part of the financial advisory team for IDOT, SHA Analytics, LLC will lead the quantitative cost and schedule risk assessment to assist IDOT in the consideration of alternative delivery options for the project. Within the quantitative risk assessment, the total magnitude of project risk will be evaluated along with risk transfer arrangements under alternative delivery options.


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