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SHA Analytics, LLC to assist LACMTA in Review of Unsolicited Proposals

SHA Analytics, LLC is a member of multiple teams selected by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (LACMTA) Office of Extraordinary Innovation (OEI) to assist in the evaluation proposals received under its Unsolicited Proposal Policy. LACMTA established its unsolicited proposal policy in February 2016 to encourage innovative ideas from the private sector. Under this policy, private companies can submit proposals to LACMTA for evaluation of their merit. Based on LACMTA's evaluation of the proposal's merit, it may become a project. Additional information on LACMTA's unsolicited proposal policy can be found at:

SHA Analytics, LLC will be working with OEI to assist in the evaluation of unsolicited proposals, specifically in the evaluation of benefits and risks associated with the unsolicited proposals.


LACMTA News Releases on Unsolicited Proposals:


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