SHA Analytics, LLC


SHA Analytics, LLC provides management consulting, quantitative analysis and research services to support sustainable infrastructure projects, programs and policies in the fields of transportation, water, energy, environment and sanitation. Our approach involves developing analytical frameworks, informed by available data and expert opinion, to quantitatively assess the implications of projects, programs, and proposed policy changes to assist business or organizational decision-making activities. Our work employs quantitative risk analysis to provide insight into the range of potential outcomes, allowing the organizations we work with to make better decisions by accounting for uncertainty in key factors. 

Our services include:
• Quantitative Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis and Risk Management Utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
• Public-Private Partnership and Alternative Delivery Methods Evaluation, including the Assessment of Risk Exposure and Risk Transfer
• Benefit-Cost Analysis, including Triple-Bottom-Line and Return-on-Investment Studies
• Financial Analysis, including Financial Modeling, Forecasting, and Cash Flow Analysis
• Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
• Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
• Descriptive and Exploratory Data Analysis
• Decision Support Tool Development
•Policy Analysis and Research